Everywhere I look – I see opportunity (the bmx perspective)

KCI baggage claim
The Baggage claim at Kansas City International Airport – what a perfect ledge to slide

I wonder how many of you are as affected as I am. Every curb, ledge, embankment, handrail, and dirt path catch my eye, and I’ve been this way for what, 26 years, now? Even when I wasn’t riding as much as now, I’d notice the possibilities of the angles, and be able to feel the pitch in my mind’s eye. At what speed will you boost the most, slide the furthest, or clear the gap without hanging up?

There are those identifying marks which are always obvious – tire marks on a wall, a parking block at the top of a bank, or grind marks on a ledge. Maybe put there by bikes, could be by skaters, but there for a reason … because the opportunity to pull a move was too great to ignore. The feeling of landing something, even if it is the 172nd time you’ve done it, always feels right. Other times, there’s nothing to identify a spot, just that it is the right shape, in the right place, and most of the time it won’t be really big or noticable, at least to those who don’t have our affliction.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a bit either on business or pleasure, and while out, I always see objects of desire – and I know that generally speaking, nobody else I’m with has any idea that I’m lusting over a 3′ high transition with a perfect run up and landing on the other side, on the side of a seedy restaurant, at the end of a dead-end street. But, there I am, searching and plotting, every day. It is a switch that was flipped long ago, and there’s really no reason to turn it off. Sure, I may be more conscious of personal property now, but I still love architects who seem to design buildings with built-in skateparks, and city planners who make perfect 5 inch kickers along the sidewalks.

Next month, I’m going to visit my wife’s family in Iowa, and there are a couple spots there I’ve been eyeing for years. This time, I’m bringing my bike. ‘Nuff said?

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