Shot to Thrill – Get your BMX Video Fix

As I’ve been digging deeper into the Interwebs for bmx information, I’ve quickly realized how many sites there are featuring action sports (and thus, bmx) videos. And I’m not just talking about general video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or Revver, but rather sites that are focused exclusively on action sports, lifestyle and culture. Pretty much all of them encourage user participation simply through video upload, or by becoming a member of their crew of shooters.

Though I always have a lot of heart for beautiful still photography, it is awesome to see the constant progression of video shooting and editing – much like the riders that are featured.

Here’s a sampling of sites to check out:

Vital BMX, featuring both Vital created features and a large amount of user content – updated almost daily

Fuel TV – If you’re lucky enough to get Fuel, then you know wht this is all about. If you’re like me, then you can at least check some clips

Freecaster TV – High-quality video programming, broken out into multiple channels, based on interest

Lat34 – AOL’s action sports site

VIMBY – “Video in My Backyard”. A newcomer, still listed as a beta. Self-described as a youth lifestyle and culture site – Action sports news aggregator. Covers BMX racing as well

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