Turn it On – Knog Frog Light Product Review

Knog Frog
Business in the front…

I work a full-time job, have two rad kids and an awesome wife. Thus, I ride on the weekends, early in the morning or at night. This time of year, early in the AM in the midwest = darkness, plus, my late-evening rides are becoming darker, sooner, as well.

I’ve been nosing around my local shops looking for some sort of light that had a few key features:
1) Small in size – I want to use it on my BMX bikes and my road bikes, and not look like a complete dork – meh, I wear a helmet, too, so who cares about my “street cred”?
2) Easily mounted/unmounted – I don’t want to buy a whole bunch, I want to swap between bikes.
3) Show up to cars and pedestrians – I don’t need it to light the streets, just let people know I’m there.

Earlier this week, I got turned on to the Knog Frog from another site, I don’t remember which one, but it seems the fixed-gear crowd are using them as lights and fashion-accessories, as they come in multiple colors and styles. They’re perfect for what I need – they fit all of my criteria above, and are relatively cheap. I picked up the single light model – the Frog – front and a rear (white and red, respectively) for approximately $25. Knog also offers multiple-light versions called the toad and bullfrog as well – these are larger, but also provide more power and visibility.

Knog Frog - Rear light
…party in the Back.

The Frog features a waterproof silicon body, a LED with two modes (steady and flashing) and uses two coin-style batteries. The design is clean, and makes me smile when I see it. Kinda reminds me of an alien from Star Wars.

I dig Knog’s brand statement very much – “Knog loves bikes and bike gear for the city streets – simple.” A perfect way to describe the Frog.


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