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Knog Frog
Business in the front…

I work a full-time job, have two rad kids and an awesome wife. Thus, I ride on the weekends, early in the morning or at night. This time of year, early in the AM in the midwest = darkness, plus, my late-evening rides are becoming darker, sooner, as well.

I’ve been nosing around my local shops looking for some sort of light that had a few key features:
1) Small in size – I want to use it on my BMX bikes and my road bikes, and not look like a complete dork – meh, I wear a helmet, too, so who cares about my “street cred”?
2) Easily mounted/unmounted – I don’t want to buy a whole bunch, I want to swap between bikes.
3) Show up to cars and pedestrians – I don’t need it to light the streets, just let people know I’m there.

Earlier this week, I got turned on to the Knog Frog from another site, I don’t remember which one, but it seems the fixed-gear crowd are using them as lights and fashion-accessories, as they come in multiple colors and styles. They’re perfect for what I need – they fit all of my criteria above, and are relatively cheap. I picked up the single light model – the Frog – front and a rear (white and red, respectively) for approximately $25. Knog also offers multiple-light versions called the toad and bullfrog as well – these are larger, but also provide more power and visibility.

Knog Frog - Rear light
…party in the Back.

The Frog features a waterproof silicon body, a LED with two modes (steady and flashing) and uses two coin-style batteries. The design is clean, and makes me smile when I see it. Kinda reminds me of an alien from Star Wars.

I dig Knog’s brand statement very much – “Knog loves bikes and bike gear for the city streets – simple.” A perfect way to describe the Frog.

DVD Cover of Standard Video - Stronger Than AllMayhem and Metal from SBC. Photo by Jeremy Schutte.

As planned, I got the Standard Stronger Than All video in the mail this week from Goodtimes, and I’ve watched it three times since. That’s three times through both DVDs. See, the first one is all about the Standard Army, section after section of their riders, both US and European, tearing it up both on their bikes and off. The footage is cut with archival military footage and some home-grown destruction. The second DVD has separate riding sections from 13 of the guys in the videos. Street, parks and mini-ramps are well-represented here, with a small bit of trail action.

The footage spans a number of years, and you see it in the various styles of riding throughout. Front brake tricks, no brakes, boosts, foot-jams, lip-tricks, rail grinds, giant gaps, flairs, ledge grinds, whips, manuals; they all come fast and with abandon. Guys like John Rodgers, Drew York and Bommel throw down the latest tricks, with massive lines and flow. Vets like Rob Ridge, Jaimy Spreitzer and Rick Moliterno show just how they’ve been getting it done for years. None of the riders featured here currently have podium spots on the X-Dew-Action Tours, nor are they necessarily the riders blogged about or with multi-page magazine interviews. They rip anyway, period. And, there are a number who will be the riders generating the chat on a message board near you, soon.

In these times of HD and exquisitely shot bmx videos, with the bar being raised everyday, there is a certain beauty in the rawness that Standard has delivered with Stronger Than All. Some of the night riding is lit with flares, a couple of the edits appear to be self-shot, and the DVD menu, or lack therof, makes me crazy. Yet what matters to me is that STA makes me want to put on my headphones, crank the Dead Kennedys, and ride like hell. This video is purely about riding and pushing what can be done on a 20-inch bmx. Make notes when watching it – this video will remind you of how much fun you should be having on your bike.

Get it for $19.95 plus shipping from Goodtimes, now, though I’m sure it will be available other places soon. Check out the following promo videos that Standard put out in 2006-07 teasing the release of STA.